Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tellin' the girls

I had my first prenatal visit Friday (the 10th) morning. We told the girls what we were going to do on the way to there. Rodney said something about checking to see if there was a baby in my tummy. Hannah said a definite "no". Then goes on to tell us that two girls were enough. That there wasn't any room in the back seat for another car seat, the baby would have to be on the floor or up with us. And here we thought she'd be excited. Nicole didn't care either way. Had her thumb in her mouth and was zoning out.

The doctor had a hard time finding the heartbeat and when she did, it slipped away from her. So she went to get the ultrasound. When she found the baby, it was kicked back with its legs crossed. Hannah asked what that was swimming around. :)

But it didn't take Hannah long to get excited about it. Well, at first she was saying that if it was a girl, she wouldn't play with it, but now she's alright if it's a girl or a boy. She asks, frequently, how big it is and when we'll be able to feel it. Nicole likes to sign "baby" and point at my belly.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Something else is new around here...

Yup, there's a baby due around here!
Due sometime around July 23

And we know how to treat a baby!
(I learned from my big sis)

Trainin' time

Instead of getting more diapers, I decided to switch Nicole over to pullups. She thought she was pretty cool stuff, getting to wear pretty pink pullups instead of plain brown diapers (I used 7th generation). This just occurred a couple days ago. I've remembered a few times to set her on the toilet, but nothing much happens. She likes to take toilet paper and stuff it down into the toilet.
But tonight, before her bath her pullup was dry and, lo and behold, she went after I set her on the duck potty seat! I think it surprised her. Hopefully the cheers and m&m's helped her to make the connection and this will happen again. But then she went and pooped in the steps.
Hopefully she's trained before she goes off to school.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hannah observations

Nicole didn't want to finish her cookie, so Hannah said that she could eat it. That she was "big enough to eat leftovers."

Looking at the calendar that Grandma Bonnie sent, she noticed the month of Brenda and Jesse's anniversary and asked "is that their funeral?"

Friday, January 17, 2014

October 2013

October brought our first snowstorm. Hannah was most excited to see it snowing, as she had been waiting for it to snow. As soon as the girls got bundled up, it had stopped. And as you can see, it didn't amount to much. :)

We weaned the calves and Rodney preg checked the cows. We also did a round of vaccination. The calves came home with us and the cows stayed at summer pasture for a little longer. Actually, there were a few cows that Rodney couldn't quite tell if they were pregnant or not, so we took a blood sample from them and brought them home with us, too. They were the cows that had calves late last spring so it was good that those calves got some more time with their momma:
excited to be ridin' in Daddy's pickup

naptime - will she fall asleep with all the commotion?


she got a little nap in that day
Time to get some wood! Usually Rodney goes by himself, but this time we all went with. Hannah was excited to see the snow!

what's the best thing to do with snow?

eat it!


hannah's snowman

One Sunday afternoon we took a drive. Drove up to the Upper Ruby:

Ruby Reservoir
A couple more moose:
there were 2 until i went to get the camera

outta here

there's the other one - a moose on both sides of the picture

hoppin' over the fence
see ya later!


Warm fall weather sure is nice to have. Playin' outside:

Fall colors:

Cloudy skies and chilly temps...

...Time to have some hot chocolate!

Spending time with a couple princesses:

Learning to write our name:

MEA was spent in Bozeman. Was great to meet up with the Isaac family once again. Girls and I spend a couple hours at the Children's Museum. Will have to go back there some day:

This room was set up like a vet office. There's other rooms, with books, marketplace, things to build with, etc.

Leaf pile!

what happens when you jump?

you knock little sister down

Hannah says she's giving Max a bath