Saturday, February 6, 2016

First tooth! (2-12-15 post)

I found out this afternoon that Janell has a tooth poking out. I had forgotten how sharp those things are. It's barely peeking out, but it has broke through.
Guess she's an easy teether like the other two were.

In other news, we've been trying foods out on her. She's not impressed.

February 2015

Hannah finally turned 5 this month. Now she's looking forward to starting school at the end of summer. I keep telling her that I'll go to kindergarten and she can stay home, but she doesn't think too much of that idea. She's really a big helper at times. Other big news in this household for the month is that Nicole is just about potty trained. She decided that she wanted to wear underwear and that was the beginning of the end. She's not completely there, but hey, the end is in sight! Now to get Janell trained... :) Speaking of Janell, she's really moving now. She's got this little army crawl thing going on and she can get to where she wants to go really quickly (especially if she's not suppose to be there). She has crawled normally just a bit, but it's still easier and faster to army crawl instead of getting her belly off the floor. She has pulled herself to her feet a few times, also, so she's on the move. She's 7 months now. We've tried some food on her, but she's not too impressed. She scrunches up her face and does this shiver thing that's pretty funny. If I keep giving her some, she starts gagging. So I'm not pushing the food thing. But she does like her sippy cup. Her bottom two teeth showed up the middle of the month. She's been an easy teether like the other two.
Rodney had a couple FFA trips. Once to Melstone where he got to spend the day with Anne; the mechanics team took 2nd. Then they had their district sales and they qualified for state. So Rodney's got a few teams headed to state, which is the end of March. We did an overnight trip to Helena at the beginning of the month. The Ag teachers had their winter meeting. Then we all got sick afterwards and layed low for a few days. Glad that doesn't happen too often.
We spent this last weekend up at Kalispell. Rodney got the sheep sheared and we got to spend some time with family. Alvin and Danica have some sheep now, so Rodney and Dale went up there Saturday afternoon to help get those sheared. Paige and Jace spent Friday night at Dale and Bonnie's and then Beth, Bowdrie and Brooklyn spent Saturday night there. Girls got lots of cousin time in, but they still weren't ready to leave. Too bad we needed to stop for gas in Missoula because all 3 were sleeping.
I better sign off. "Mom, Janell's getting in our stuff!" :)
Have enjoyed these thoughts: We all choose our priority - what we want or what we need. There is nothing that we have naturally that even comes close to what we can have spiritually.
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole & Janell

not a big fan of the cereal

i can suck on my toe too!
she wanted an ice cream cake

5 years old!

someone's sick :(

happy valentine's day!

"real" food isn't so bad

Wow. Photo overload.