Sunday, August 16, 2015

January 2015

Spring came early this year, as we had a really warm month. Wonder when winter will show up now. Makes for some nice calving weather for those who are calving. Lots are showing up around the valley. Girls enjoy watching for them when we travel. Rodney's half way through the school year already. FFA had their speaking districts last week. Rodney's Parli Pro team took second place so they'll be competing at state. He took 4 boys to Lewistown on Friday for a mechanics contest yesterday and took first place. Hannah's counting down the days until her birthday (5th). It's a bit hard to believe she'll be 5 already. The older girls spend their days playing, most of the time nicely, together. They tend to go through multiple changes of clothes each day, since you need to change depending on what you're playing, so they keep the laundry lady in business. Janell is 6 months already. She's really rolling around and she can now pull herself to a sitting position. She's trying hard to keep up with her sisters. We've been having Gospel Meetings Wednesday in Whitehall and Sunday in Dillon. Glad for the reminder that it is up to us, individually, if we're found in the Kingdom of God. He has made provision for us and we need to reach out and make it ours.
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole & Janell

introduction to the computer

hair with a mind of its own

loves to swing

camera takes multiple pictures when its light in the background...H ended up with no legs :)

6 months! First try of cereal

not impressed

what did you feed me?!

shivered afterwards

blanket rides

so fun!

sitting up!