Thursday, March 19, 2015

November 2014

November was a month spent on the road for Rodney. After returning from National FFA Convention in Louisville late Sunday the 2nd, he had some days to get ready for the John Deere Ag Days in Bozeman the 13-15. He put on the mechanics contest that Thursday there. The kids did well; placing 2nd in mechanics, 5th in livestock and 5th in parlo pro. They went to the Bobcat football game that Saturday afternoon. The girls and I went over there with him, but didn't stay for the game. It was cold and snowy. That following Tuesday morning, the 18th, Rodney and a couple other MAAE officers flew out to Nashville for the National Ag teacher convention. He enjoyed his time there and got a few new ideas for school. He came home late Saturday night. Our FFA Alumni held their annual auction that Sunday. Dale and Bonnie came down for a couple nights at that time. Then it was Thanksgiving break. Rodney had a half day that Wednesday, so we headed to Kalispell for the holiday. Sorry to miss out on the family time in Fort Benton, but we enjoyed our time with Alvin and Danica and the gang. Rodney helped Alvin get some lumber cut for the barn they're building. We got to join the Ashley Lake friends for Thanksgiving at Rob and Tess's. We left Saturday afternoon and headed to Helena to spend the night with Dale and Marie on our way to Townsend Special Meeting the next day. It was rainy for that Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday it turned cold and snowy. The roads weren't the greatest, but we made it. Not much else happened this month. Had some snow off and on. And some cold. The beginning of the month was warm for November, but that changed over night it seemed. We sold our calves, except one that is here at the place, and one open cow. We still need to bring the rest of the cows home from the pasture. Rodney was able to fill his deer tag. There had been some nice bucks come through our pasture, but never when he was home. Well, one Sunday morning there was a 5 point (that would be a MN 10 point) that was tempting him as it stood in the pasture for quite a while. We've heard that we need to remove our temptations, so...that buck has found his way to our freezer. :) The girls have enjoyed the snow. We haven't been able to make a snowman yet like Hannah wants, though. Janell has rolled over a few times. She's still a smiley happy baby for most of the time. Hannah knows how to write a few words and can recognize a few others. She's got quite the memory on her. Nicole is surprising us on how many letters she knows and she can even write a few. Not sure where she's picking that up. We got rid of our dog to the neighbor, that's where Molly wanted to be anyway. She's going to see if she can make a cow dog outta Molly. The girls don't seem to mind, as the cats are around more now. I better clock off before this gets too much longer.
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole and Janell

sunday mornin' cuties

Janell loves her bath:

sleeping beauty found her thumb

it snowed!

whoa, it's cold out here

Monday, March 2, 2015

Oh dear...

The girls were playing:

N- "It's time to go to sleep."

H- "Mom, I'm 18. I can do whatever."