Friday, October 24, 2014

a girl and her bike

Nicole started riding Hannah's bike around so we decided to get her her own. She was pretty pleased. Wanted to ride it that night after we got home.

Thought we could use the enthusiasm of wanting to ride her new bike in the potty-training area, but no luck there. Hopefully by the time she starts school she'll want to be a "big girl" instead of a "baby".

And big sister had a hard time with the fact that little sister got something and she didn't... Luckily, after a few days, the subject was dropped.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

photo shoot(s)

Started to do Janell's birth announcement and found out we didn't have that many pics that we could use...welcome third child! :)



growin' outta the cradle my dad made for me as a child


no words necessary

fun with cousins (and other family, of course)

cold wet hugs for auntie drina

Grandpa's To Do List: 1. Load up grandkids on sugar 2. Send them home

they weren't ready for drina to go home

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

August 2014

This month was spent close to home, trying to adjust to having 3 kids. Enjoyed having lots of company; both sets of grandparents, Drina, Alvin, Danica and family came to visit. Well, they came to see Janell. :) She has gotten to be a chunky monkey already - her cheeks are quite kissable. She's starting to talk and to smile a lot. A very sweet girl, although she will let you know if she doesn't like something. Hannah and Nicole still like her. They like to fight over who she's looking at when they're laying next to her. Poor little girl gets pulled both directions, she's gonna grow up tough. Rodney had some bus driver training in Lewistown on the 4th, so all of us went up the night before and then the girls and I met up with Alan for a short while that day. He tried to trade them a horse for Janell, but they didn't go for it. Rodney had a couple FFA things that week and then the following week was the fair. FFA does the rodeo concessions there and Rodney keeps busy with other assorted tasks as well. Then the following week was the start of school. This is Rodney's 8th year of teaching. Hannah is really looking forward to starting school, but she has to wait another year. Had some cool, rainy weather for a couple of weeks. It put off second cutting, but we welcomed the rain. We were quite dry, but now we're back to a green yard. We have been enjoying having the Ennis folks join us for Sunday morning. Also enjoyed having Anna and Leilani here for a few days. They had Gospel meeting in Sheridan for a few Wednesdays and then in Butte on Sundays. A couple thoughts from this past Sunday: "Pray to God to reveal ways that I should and ways that I could deny myself" and "Many ways to say thanks without saying it".
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole and Janell

spendin' time with uncle alan:

sleepin' beauty

 hannah found the camera again:

 sunday naptime:

somebody likes to hold somebody

doesn't like whatever big sis told her
our monkey

first corn outta the garden!

janell likes her baths

did not want her picture taken...was wanting to go to bed instead

they both wanted janell to be facing them...

she gets a bit more loving sometimes than she really wants