Friday, August 22, 2014

July 2014

Guess everyone knows the big July news for this household. Janell Fay was born 7-26 @ 11:45 am, barely waiting for the doctor to arrive. She weighed in at 8 lb 5 oz and was 20 1/2". Both big sisters are pretty excited, wanting to hold her multiple times a day. Hannah will hold her for quite a while, until she starts fussing or fills her diaper and then she's ready for someone to come and get her. Nicole will hold her for a short while and then is done holding her and then wants to hold her again shortly afterwards. Janell is a really good baby; likes to sleep, especially if someone is holding her. :) There's nothing like baby snuggles though. We don't hear much outta her unless she's hungry or getting changed, but she's slowly getting used to that. Somehow we won the baby lottery again. Rodney's feeling a bit outnumbered though. :)
July was also our haying month. Rodney had six different places to hay. This year went pretty good, some showers came through that stretched the haying season out, but Rodney was able to get it wrapped up before Janell was born. Girls enjoyed all the picnics at the hayfield. They were bummed when we ate at home. Pretty soon they'll be taking over the haying business. :)
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole and Janell

Misc July photos:
front row seats to an exclusive concert

pool fun

monkey see - monkey do

hayin' season

maybe they do like each other

rebuilding fence

helpin' dad

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's a ....

.... GIRL!!!

We've been tickled pink once again and Daddy's feeling a bit outnumbered, but we're all excited to welcome Janell Fay into our family!

Saturday morning (7-26) rolled around and things were happening. I finished packing the bags and Rodney quickly got the house ready for meeting the next day and we were off to Dillon. Dropped the girls off and headed to the hospital. An hour after we arrived, luckily the doc got there when she did 'cause it was just a few minutes later and Janell was born @ 11:45 am. She appeared little to us, but weighing in at 8 lb 5 oz and 20.5"...guess she ain't so little.

was not impressed at being messed with
our new little sleeping beauty

big sisters came to meet her before supper

had to check her out

my 2 babies

i think they like her

came back after supper and wanted to give her a bath

Hannah and Nicole spent the day and night with Gramma Nec and Papa George. After lunch they went swimming and then after Nicole's nap they came to see Janell before supper. They came back after supper for a short while. Hannah was really wanting to give Janell a bath, so they helped the night nurse give her a quick bath. Rodney went to meeting the next morning at Dillon and Nicole was quite happy to see him, sat down and snuggled up to him. First night away from Mom and Dad was a bit long for that little girl. Janell and I hung out at the hospital 'til we were able to go home that afternoon. Cynthia and Linnet stopped by to see us on Sunday.

If I don't post this now, another couple weeks will go by. Can't think of anything else to add.