Monday, March 31, 2014

December 2013

Whoo! Last month and then I can start on this year!

Other than the daily living of life, December brought Belgrade, Butte and Twin Bridges Special Meetings. We had the pleasure of having Laurel here for a night. Was gonna have MaryLee also, but she came down sick. Rodney found a crew cab pickup that he was willing to settle for and he sold his regular cab pickup. He and a school kid went down to Salt Lake City and picked it up one Saturday. It's not as nice as his old one, but we can all fit in it. :)

babies in the tummy!

Christmas was spent at my folks in MN again. We drove the pickup and Alan came with us. Took off late Monday morning and met up with him at Alvin's. Spent the afternoon with them and after supper we took off. Drove through the night and got to Mom and Dad's mid morning on Tuesday. Was good to be home for a few days. We took off late afternoon on the following Sunday. Austin was needing a ride back to Williston so we took him. Rolled into that zoo about 3 in the morning. Got to see some of it, but luckily we were outta there before everything got going. Woke Dalas up and said hi to him. Then it was back on the road for Alvin's. Had a late breakfast there, hung out for the day and hit the road for home late afternoon.

Uncle Rodney's leg weights


one way to calm kids down before bedtime - farming videos

dynlee and his suspenders

borden was proud of his lost tooth

cousins playing
 Dad decided to drive a new well (sand point) while he had some help. :)

Time with more cousins:

bowdrie's inventions - he did the bale trailers by himself

brave danica to turn 5 kids loose with gingerbread houses

hannah's (first time doing this)



And that concludes 2013! About time I get caught up to this year.

November 2013

My camera went broke sometime the end of October, so for a while we just used the Ipad. Cut down on the picture taking :)

November...was a long time ago. Let's see if I can remember what happened. Rodney had a FFA trip to Bozeman the middle of the month for John Deere Ag Days. He put on the mechanics contest. The girls and I went with. The FFA Alumni held their annual auction to raise money to support the chapter. Dale and Bonnie came down for that. Rodney tried hunting a few times on our property and was able to shoot a buck before the season ended. I don't remember what the points were, but enough that he wanted to get it mounted. :) It's up in Kalispell at the taxidermist, we'll see when it gets done. The guy was cheaper than others, so he had lots to do. Thanksgiving, or Turkey Day as Hannah calls it, was spent up in Kalispell. Was just Rodney's folks, his sister and family and us. Dale and Rodney caught the Black Friday sickness and went in real early to Cabela's and a couple other stores. Us girls stayed does that work?! Then we all went in later that morning. What a busy time to shop! But some nice deals :) That evening it turned into Black Friday, literally. Shortly after Alvin's and Dianne showed up for supper, the power went out! The kids thought it was pretty neat! Good thing for candles/lanterns and a supper that was already done. The power didn't come back on 'til about midnight. Then that Sunday was Townsend Special Meeting, so we went to Rod's for Saturday supper and night and got meeting the next day.

A few (fuzzy) pictures from the month:


pickin' out my own clothes
mom won't let me have the ipad
playing with the camera on the ipad
deer hanging from the tractor loader

a little better shot of it
our little monkey

they do get along some times :)
best pic of the two i'll be getting

another concert

I'll see if the videos will work: