Tuesday, February 25, 2014

4 Years Old - 2/5

(After I started this a few weeks ago, I probably should post it)

We have a four year old in the house!

Hannah has been looking forward to her 4th birthday for a long time. "How many more days until February?" was a regular question in January. She kept saying her birthday was that night (Wednesday), so I told her that it was her birthday ALL DAY. All day?! She thought that was pretty neat.

She frustrates us, surprises us, warms our hearts, annoys us, makes us smile; a typical 4 year old. :)

And she loves to make her sister squeal. They fight like cats and dogs. Then the next minute they're the best of buds. "Leave your sister alone" is the phrase I say the most during the day. And "Keep your hands to yourself." Should just put that on record so I can save my voice. :)

She had her 4 year checkup on the 10th. Weighed in at 40 lbs and was 42.5" tall. Still on the higher end of the scale. The doc kept thinking she was 5. At first she was a bit shy, but towards the end of the visit she warmed up enough to talk a bit with the doctor. Our regular doc is in New Zealand for a few months, so we have a different one. She passed with flying colors, right on schedule for everything.

She likes to color, cut/glue, use stickers, play-doh, make cookies/cupcakes/use sprinkles, change clothes several times a day, run around in her undies, read books, and I'm sure other stuff will come to mind once I post this.

Oh Hannah. Terrific threes and trying threes were the phrases of the past year. What's the next year gonna bring?

Friday, February 7, 2014

I think winter is back

Most of January was warm. Ever since we've been here, we've gotten warm weather in January. At the end of the month it cooled off again and we've had some cold weather. Wednesday (2-5) night especially. It was -38 when we went to bed and here's what it was when Rodney got up Thursday:
yeah, that's below 40

It's usually warmer in town than here, maybe being closer to the river causes the temp difference?? But they did have school yesterday. And it did warm up during the day, at least we were closer to 0 that -40. :) Last night was chilly again, but not as bad. Now it's about 3 (above!) and we've got a dusting of snow this morning.

Winter is back!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

the worth of a penny

Rodney was looking at Craigslist when Hannah spotted a tractor and commented on how nice it was and that he should buy it. Rodney told her that it cost $69,000 and it was too much. She said that she'd save her pennies and give them to him so he could buy it.

We'll see how many years go by before she gets her red tractor :)