Monday, September 30, 2013

Playing Meeting

Hannah likes to play meeting. Nicole likes to sit down with her,as they look at books and sing. Hannah doesn't like it when Nicole stands up when she does or when she talks when she's not suppose to. I've tried explaining that Nicole doesn't understand that they're in meeting and that Hannah shouldn't be getting after her. "Well, I'm the mom. I can get after her."

Friday, September 13, 2013

big sister logic

After finding out that one of our friends are expecting their first child, Hannah made the observation "but a baby needs to have a big sister".

For the past few months, Hannah has been campaigning for a little brother (which isn't happening anytime soon, by the way). What she would really like is to trade her little sister for a little brother. If she ever gets one, she's gonna see that having a little brother isn't the greatest thing ever. :) The other day she was saying that when Nicole gets as big as her, then we could get a new baby.
"After you eat a lot, then you'll have a baby in your tummy."

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sleepin' Beauties

Many a night we have extras in the bed - many a morning we wake up on the edge of the bed

wish they got along this good when they were awake

I slept with this kitty when I was younger (thanks again Aunt Linda N!)

the princess is sleeping

Big shoes to fill

middle of May
She was pretty pleased with herself after she got her feet into them. We have a picture of Hannah wearing Rodney's boots when she was younger, but I can't seem to find the pictures.

Nowadays Nicole still loves to clomp around in too big of shoes; Daddy's, Mommy's, Hannah's, whoever's are laying around.

she can walk in 'em better than I can

Mother's Day 2013

trip to Kalispell

The first weekend in May we went to Kalispell. Girls got to feed the bum lambs; Hannah really enjoyed it.

Naps make a quiet car ride!

A visit to the Scotts

At the end of April, we went to Dave and Jenny's for the evening so the girls could see the lambs.

Hannah actually let the lamb suck on her finger