Monday, July 15, 2013

Guess she needed a nap...

A test-mommy's-patience trait of Hannah's lately has been her not listening. (Speaking of patience, that stuff should really grow on trees. That way a person could always have some handy.) And she's inherited the stubborn/ornery gene that can be found on my side of the family (or should I blame it on Daddy?! :) Pretty sure my parents will say it comes from me.) We're still trying to figure out what works for her to learn what not to do (if it's timeouts or something stronger). Usually once you get after her, watch out for the blow up! She's good at getting mad. A person can hear her for quite a ways away. Once she's in time out, she needs to be quiet before we talk about what she did wrong and before she can get up.

Today, when she finally stopped fussing, this is what I found:

She's so cute when she sleeps

And it's 4:40ish. She's gonna be up late tonight!

Now that we're talking about her not-so-pleasant traits, she's also likes to call people stupid. (She picked up that word a few months ago when I called a cat stupid. Oops.) And tell you she doesn't like you. And that we need to get rid of you. (She also picked up those phrases from me. After I said that I didn't like the Hansel and Gretal story and that we should get rid of the book. Oops.)

Need to squeeze a few things outta that little sponge. :)

But, luckily, most of the time she's a happy girl that brings a smile to our faces.

Cousins came to visit!

And their parents :)

At the end of March, my brother Austin and his family came to visit. We put him to work...the back deck is nice! Was fun to have them here for a couple days. You can tell Clancee and Hannah are both the oldest. :) Then we met up with 'em again over at Alvin 'n' Danica's for a fun evening. Went to visit a-place-I-forgot-the-name-of. Was a natural bridge over the Boulder river. It was a pretty cool place. At the time, the drop down to the river didn't affect me, which was weird 'cause it usually does, but laying in bed that night and thinking about it brought some wooziness.

Some pictures can be found here:

Thanks for coming! Come again anytime! :)

Superstars and H's

Mom, I made an H!
End of March- The beginning of her letter making career. Since then she's really gotten into writing her letters.

She also made an X that day

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nicole - one year dr appt


Weight- 20 lb 15 oz 45%ile
Length- 29 in 55%ile
Head- 19 in 97%ile

Nicole is a lot smaller than Hannah (was in the 90%iles from day one and still is). Except for her head. Must be filled with lots of brains. :)
Can't remember what all happened at this appointment, but nothing outta the ordinary. Just confirmation that we have a wonderful little girl!


Lately Hannah will start singing whenever and wherever. Sometimes it's a recognizable song, but most of the time it's whatever comes to mind.
This morning she was saying "kiss Jesus forever" then it was switched to "hug Jesus forever". Not sure which hymn that is outta. :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthday party!

We had a few come for a potluck supper for Nicole's party.

Hopefully this slideshow thing works, if you go to it.