Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playin' outside - mid March

Nicole - ONE year old!

Not sure where the last year has went (plus a couple months), but all of a sudden we have an one year old (March 12) in the house!

Let's see if I can remember what she was doing back then. Sure would be a lot easier if I kept up with this blog instead of having to reach into the cobwebs of the mind to post.

She had taken a few solo steps by herself, but wasn't real interested in walking. Crawling was a lot easier and faster.
Was just getting interested in books, more than just using them as a chew toy.
Loved to climb into things; toy bins, drawers, etc.
And climb up things. Little monkey.
Loved to feed cows with Daddy.
Teething- working on molars and the 4th front one on bottom

Sure there's lots more, but I'll leave it for now. Here's some pics of the bday girl!

Hannah decorated with stickers. Nicole had to take each one off before ripping the paper.

Big sister helping

This is fun!

Giving the dolly a hug

The brush is a lot more fun

Playing dollies

Play with us Daddy


Birthday cupcakes

We also were able to Skype with my folks before Nicole decided it was bedtime.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poopin' in tub...

Nicole pooped in the tub tonight. Big sister was not impressed.

It's happened a couple other times, but this was the first that Hannah knew about. The two times before, I was too slow in getting her to the toilet. This time, big sister was using the toilet.

Kids. Sure keep life interesting.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


We have such a big herd that our calving season lasts for a few months. :) We finally finished calving Tuesday, when both remaining cows calved, one heifer and one bull. So now we have 12 heifers and 3 bulls steers running around out there. Just in time, since we're hoping to get them to summer pasture this weekend.

Both girls love helping Rodney chore. He uses the pickup to feed the cows and they like to stand on the seat to look out the window. For both girls, one of their first words were "moo".

There's been a few calves that the girls have been able to pet. Hannah asks to still pet 'em, but they're a little too fast to catch nowadays! She has been able to pet the yearlings, but she's been feeding them hay during the day and they are used to her now (they're in a separate pen).

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hannah's logic...

H- "Can I bring the kittens in?"
M- "Ask Daddy."
H- "Can I bring the kittens in?"
D- pretending she said chickens "No the chickens can't come in."
H- giggling "I didn't say chickens. Can the baby cats come in."
D- "Oh."
After getting dressed, she heads for the door.
M- "Did Dad say the kitties can come in?"
H- "He said not to bring the chickens in."
Out she goes...and in she comes with a kitty.