Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring is here...for now

Lately we've been having some nice days. Warmed up enough to hatch some mosquitoes. Yeah, in March. Yesterday evening there were a couple swarms of bugs that looked a lot like mosquitoes. Not ready for that season. Hopefully we'll get a cold snap that'll knock 'em out. The flies have woken up also. That's always a good sign it's spring. And there's green grass poking up in the yard! And we got our first calf yesterday! Cute little black thing. Pretty sure it's a heifer. Haven't been able to get close to it 'cause the momma cow is a crazy one. We were gonna tag it last evening before meeting, but the cow was not gonna let us get close. She just about climbed into the back of the pickup with Rodney. Maybe she'll settle down in a couple days. Always need a crazy one in the herd!

We've also been enjoying our first spring cold. The girls have been sick for a week or so with runny noses and a nasty cough. They're about over it now. Thankfully. 'Cause sometimes a cough would bring about throwing up. And I don't like to clean that stuff up. It stinks. But the girls were real troopers through it all. Still saw their beautiful smiles and heard their happy giggles.

The girls are awake

Little Monkeys

The girls like to climb. Especially Nicole.

Lately she's been climbing into the toy basket. At her doctor visit, she climbed into a tub of blocks. Silly girl.
sometimes big sis joins her. will see how long the basket holds up :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hannah - 3 years old

Hannah had her 3 year check up and she's still on the higher end of the scale. 90%tile for both height (38 3/4") and weight (36.5 lbs). It took her a little bit to warm up to Dr. Hansen, but he got her to talking. She even told him that I love to give her spankings. There was a little pause in the conversation, me trying to decide how he would react and him trying to keep a straight face.  But luckily we share the same view in discipline. Sometimes it takes a talking to, sometimes a time-out and sometimes a spanking when kids don't listen.

Oh kids. And this is just the beginning of things coming out of their mouth when you least expect it!

While there are days when the "trying 3s" are very much present, for the most part Hannah is still our sweet and funny little girl. And you never know what will come out of her mouth. Her imagination has kicked up. For awhile there, she was saying she was Beth, Nicole was Billi, Rodney was Alvin and I was Danica. Bowdrie and Brooklyn were present also, just not visible.
She loves to do "projects"; glitter glue and scissors are always a hit. Play-doh. Or helping me make something in the kitchen. She likes to dump the ingredients in and mix.
Most of the time she gets along with her little sister, even though she likes to have or do whatever Nicole is having/doing at the time and little sister doesn't like that very much. Siblings-best of friends and worst of enemies.
She still likes her animals. Helps with the chores every night. Likes to feed the cats and give the chickens their food. She's trying to convince her daddy that we need a puppy. Will see if that happens. :)
Likes to ride in the pickup with Rodney and help him with his errands. She's always up for a trip to town. Likes to go shopping, finds a lot of things she "needs".
Already has selective hearing down.

I'll think of more later, but need to sign off. Hannah is making a mess in Nicole's room, "entertaining" her.

Shearing 2013

Valentine's Day weekend was the time it worked to go to Kalispell and shear Dale's sheep. We left Thursday evening, stopping in Whitehall to look at (and buy) a pickup for my dad. Was a little late when we got there, girls were both asleep. Friday morning Rodney and Dale sheared a few and then went snowmobiling in the afternoon with Michael and Travis. Us ladies and kids went shopping. Saturday they finished the sheep. After Sunday lunch, we left and stopped near Seeley to shear a few more for a couple.

A few pictures from the weekend.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Who knew that a sock could be so entertaining

Whatcha got in your bowl?

Laundry helpers

The girls, Nicole especially, love to play in the washer/dryer. They must think it sounds cool when they talk into them or something.

Since I was taking pictures of Nicole, Hannah wanted one of her :)

And again on another day. All on her own, Hannah decided to move her clothes from the washer to the dryer. 3 years old and already doing her own laundry...Auntie Drina- take note. :) Nicole decided to help her.

I cut the video off when Hannah was saying "all done".

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a Hannah observation

Justin was looking at the paper and there were some basketball pictures in there. He told Hannah maybe some day she'd play basketball. Hannah said she can't play basketball 'cause she doesn't have basketball clothes.