Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah turned 3 this month. 3. Three. THREE! In a couple years she's headed to school. Wow. Anyway, with some of Rodney's FFA trips and this and that, we decided to have a birthday party a couple weeks early since it wasn't gonna happen around that specific day. Invited the folks a day or two before the party. At least they had a few hours notice. :) While Hannah enjoyed having everyone there (and getting presents!), the highlight of the weekend was having her cousins come. Was great to have  you A, D, B, B, B 'n' B!


Mr. Bowdrie

Miss Beth and Miss Brooklyn

Miss Hannah

Hannah chose her cake (funfetti cake mix and flowers)

looked online for ideas and Hannah chose this design

wasn't quite sure of everyone looking at her and singing

Reacting to something a cousin did

she didn't want to blow the candles out

Thanks again everyone for coming!

Spaghetti face!

Spaghetti never looked so good!

Growin' up

First time Hannah had a bun (which she requested). Don't think it lasted through meeting, but she was tickled with it!
this look added a few years to her!

*sisters*friends*(most of the time!)
Not sure where the time is going, but these two are growin' up fast. Guess I've blinked a few too many times and forgot that "this too shall pass". Actually, that phrase comes in handy sometimes nowadays. When big sister is picking on little sister. When little sister is aggravating big sister. When big sister is reminding us of her age (terrible twos/trying threes). When little sister is throwing a fit. Yes, she has figured out what to do when something doesn't please her. She's bit big sister a couple times (big sister had that coming as she's bit little sister a few times). Lately she lays on the floor and bangs her head on it. Not sure where she learned that, but you'd think it'd hurt enough she would stop doing that. Then the next minute everything is fine and they're giggling with one another. Just another day in paradise.

Kids. They turn your world upside-down, inside-out and backwards. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

Swingin' with Daddy

Peeking around to see Jenny

This snow actually stayed around for longer than just a few days. For a little girl with a new sled...was a wonderful time!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the girls

Dressed herself in many layers

Need to be quick to get a picture of this one nowadays

Monday, February 11, 2013

Building a snowman...finally!

Quite a few times during the past couple months, Hannah has brought up building a snowman. Winter in this valley doesn't amount to much, as we seem to only get a little snow every now and then. But this time we actually got a "snow storm" (for this area) and were able to make a snowman!


We (heart) huckleberries!