Monday, December 2, 2013

catch up email

Will see if I can get this email sent off this time of starting it. It's been in the works for quite a few weeks now.

Don't quite remember just when I sent the last email, but I have a feeling it was this spring. I'll start with how our summer was. Busy. As usual. Rodney had his Ag teacher update conference, this year it was down here in the Ruby Valley. Well, not down, it was more up since it was at a hunting lodge up in the hills. But anyway, it was nice to be able to stay home for it and we were lucky to have the Isaacs stay with us. They have 3 boys and the girls had fun playing with them. Was fun to explore Virginia City for a day with them. That attraction is only 20 miles from Sheridan, but it seems like we hardly get down there. Since then, I've went down to the story hour at the library a handful of times with the girls. They've added craft time, right up Hannah's alley. After update, we all went to Cody convention. My folks were there, along with 3 siblings. Was a nice mini reunion. We were able to get quite a bit of Manhattan this year. Rodney started haying afterwards.
Haying this year was...just glad that not every year is like this. First cutting wasn't too bad. Some of it got wet. Second cutting took a bit longer than we'd like. Some nice second cutting alfalfa hay mix was on the ground for a few weeks. Twice it was ready and then it'd get a bit wet. Welcome to farming! :) Was a dry summer, unless some hay was down. Girls sure enjoyed the rain, scratch that, they enjoyed the puddles and the mud. A change of clothes was necessary each day there were puddles.
We took a few days at the end of July and went to MN. Was great to get home again. And it was cold for most of the time there. Or chilly, would be a better word. But the girls were able to get out and ride Petey the donkey. That sparked an interest in riding Jenny, our donkey here. And Jenny actually let 'em on. Nicole didn't want to take turns. Maybe we need another one. :)
Then it was fair time again. And Rodney finished his master's degree. What was gonna take 2 years stretched into 4. He's glad to be done and the professors told him he's their poster child for the online program. He's the first MT Ag teacher to continue teaching while getting his master's. He has graduated from collage and has got his master's, but can't seem to graduate from high school. :) He's in his seventh year of teaching already and things are going good. The school and community appreciate him.
At the end of August we made another trip out to MN. My Grandma Young passed away. Was glad to be able to make it to the funeral. Saw some folks that we haven't seen since our wedding and saw some folks that hadn't met Rodney yet. All of us kids, except for Andy and Sheila, were able to make it. Another mini reunion...well, not exactly mini with 11 grandkids running in and out. We went to the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion for a day. If you are ever in the area of Rollag, MN, a town that comes to life once a year, during Labor Day weekend, check it out! Lots of cool things to see.
Since then it's been school, a few FFA trips and the odds and ends of living. Weather has cooled off again. Have got a few snow flurries, but not much. Mountains are white, but no snow on the ground here at home. Hannah is wanting snow. Oh, something new - we added a dog to the family. Max, a 3 year old Australian Shepherd Spaniel cross. He's great with the kids. Is excited to see me. Loves to take walks. Loves to chase cats (we haven't see Orange and Tuna very much the last month), but allows the deer to roam the yard. Goofy dog. We were wanting the deer kept out of the hay stack. Barks and growls when someone comes. Unless he knows you, usually. He's usually quiet during meeting, but today with extras he let us know someone new was here. We're not too keen with a few things he does. We may end up bringing him back to the animal shelter, we'll see. Thought maybe we could skip the puppy stage, but may end up with one yet. That way we can train him what we want and don't want. Or maybe not. Training kids isn't that easy.
Speaking of them, they're doing great. Get along like siblings do. Best friends unless they're fighting. Hannah really likes to play mom and doesn't get why she can't get after Nicole. "Because you aren't the mom" "Yes I am" She can be a handful. She has really started to make-believe play. And has quite the imagination. Most of the time she still calls herself Beth. Nicole = Billi. Rodney = Alvin. Me = Danica. Or some other name she comes up with on the spot and changes quite frequently. And she can come up with quite the names. Wow. Not sure where she gets 'em. She has really started coloring, instead of scribbling. Still loves to do crafty projects. If it involves scissors, so much the better. Can write her name. Likes to walk Max around the yard. He can pull her, but she usually can pull him where she wants to go. Nicole has really grown up also. Not really a baby anymore. 20 months this month. Her vocab has really increased. Loves to be read to. Make animal noises. Copy big sister. Can keep up pretty good with Hannah. She likes to hit when she gets mad. Which is quite frequently if big sis is picking on her or taking something away. Has learned that, among other things, from big sis. They like to play ring around the rosy and duck duck goose. It's pretty cute hearing Nicole say "duck". Doesn't have the goose part down, she usually says duck and runs away giggling.They are a lovable handful.
Hope this finds everyone doing well. I better get this sent off now before any more time passes. Looking forward to time with family at Thanksgiving and Christmas time and also Special meetings. Kinda hard to believe it's that time of year again. Let's keep on keeping on, the best is yet ahead! A thought shared this morning: Ants aren't distracted. (I should've been more like an ant doing this email. Then maybe it would've went out back in September when I first thought about doing it!)

Rodney, Amanda, Hannah and Nicole

Summer 2013 (part 2)

snowing today...and i'm still blogging about summer!

Father's Day 2013 - Rodney was gone for the weekend on a FFA trip (ALC), so we celebrated later.

Checking out Nevada City and Virginia City with the Isaacs-

They went for another train ride later in the afternoon. I stayed in NC with Nicole so she could run around.

Lots of cattle drives going past:

Cody Convention 2013
I was gonna get lots of pics, but didn't get the camera out until it was time to leave on Sunday

cousins (the others had already left)

Hannah Billi Nicole

Headin' home

how long will those rocks stay stacked?

saw a couple nice bulls in the park

 summer rain showers are nice, unless you have hay down :)

hannah started chewing her nails :( we told her that if she stopped, she could get a bike. wasn't too long afterwards that i was able to clip her nails! but now she's back to chewing :(

this was a bit too big for her, so rodney put the training wheels on the smaller bike he found at the dump. she cruises around with that one.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nicole picked out her outfit for the day

leggings...jeans....skirt...long sleeved shirt...sweatshirt....sweatshirt...short sleeved shirt...long sleeved onesie...short sleeved shirt...then she realized she needed socks.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Summer 2013 (part one)

warm weather. lazy days. playing outside.

odds and ends of summer pics:

smacked her forehead on the corner of the cedar chest