Tuesday, July 12, 2016

May/June 2015 (pictures coming later)

If I don't hurry, I'll be a couple months behind. I did start on a May email, but it only got that far. You'd think 24 hours in a day would be sufficient to get something done. :)
Here's May (or what we can remember of it):
This month is always busy with the end-of-the-year things at school. Rodney had the FFA banquet on Monday the 4th. This year he had an extra hog at the school farm that he didn't sell and he had a local guy roast it up for the dinner. Yum, yum :) Had a good turn out. We were able to get the other shed moved to it's new location. Rodney got the old concrete cleared out and at the end of the month Dale and Bonnie came down with the tractor and they got a small trench dug for the footings. On the same load, they brought the bull and a heifer that was up at Kalispell. We decided to give her another chance of getting bred last fall and she should have a calf in September. Rodney wanted to try to AI a few of the cows. He got 4 done before the bull came. Trying for some replacement heifers so we can use the bull a bit longer. He did two of the cows and then the other two he had a former student come out that took an AI class. On the 23rd we went down to Virginia City for their seasonal kick-off parade. This year they had a marching band from a Washington high school there. The girls were really fascinated with that. And you can't go there without going to the Creamery and getting some ice cream :) Was a bit chilly that day, but ice cream is good whatever the weather. Speaking of the weather, it was all over the place. Had some hot weather, then it turned chilly, had some rain showers here and there. Got quite a bit of rain the last week.
The girls and I had a trip to MN for my sister's high school graduation. We left Rodney home. He had finals to take care of and get things wrapped up for the summer. Sheridan's graduation was the 30th. Good thing he was around because we had a problem with #8 calf. He must've got stepped on or something because he ended up with a broken jaw and spent a night at the vet's. Rodney milked the cow twice and tubed the calf, but he did get back to nursing. Poor fella.
We left home Sunday afternoon (24th) and went up to Alan's, by Winifred. Alvins came over that day also. That was the beginning of the late nights. :) We took off Monday morning shortly before 9. Kids enjoyed traveling with their cousins. Got to Mom and Dad's about 12:30 that night. Tuesday lunch we enjoyed seeing Rich R. and Chris S. Tuesday supper was over at Aaron's for Borden's 8th birthday. On Wednesday Andys came and we had Gospel meeting that evening. It's been a couple years since all 7 of us were together. And now there's 18 grandkids added to the mix. Days were spent feeding the kids and cleaning the kitchen :) Thursday afternoon Janell and I did a grocery run for Mom. Friday was spent getting ready for the party. Andrine's ceremony was that evening. We had our own little corner to hang out in. Going up the bleachers I overheard a few times about the number of kids....we only had a few in the group :) Saturday afternoon was Drina's party. Then at supper we pulled a surprised "happy 60th" on Dad. His birthday isn't until July, but thought since we were all together, we might as well serenade him. Was great to see many extended family that we haven't seen for a long time. On Sunday we took family pics. Jan and Brenton had fun getting us all to cooperate. Andys took off late that afternoon. We took off Monday (1st) morning and went back to Alan's. Outside of Lewistown we went through a cool thunderstorm. Some of those lightning streaks were right outside the windshield. We even heard the crack of thunder once. We were all ready to get back. The girls and I took off late morning Tuesday. Got home that afternoon.
I think that wraps up May. On to June:
Wow, this month was here and gone! Let's see...Rodney finished up school on Friday (5th). Dale and Bonnie came down after meeting on the 7th and we worked cows on Monday and got them over to summer pasture. This year was nice and sunny (otherwise known as hot) so we got the calves branded. Rodney got the garage ready for pouring concrete Tuesday and got that poured early Wednesday (10th) morning. I don't think Charlie, Nick or Mitchell will answer a phone call from Mr. Braaten again. :) They didn't mind helping and I was glad he lined up other help! We left that afternoon for Ronan convention. Needed to drop off the concrete screed in Butte and stop and get a part for the camper at Missoula. We missed the first part of the meeting, but we made it. Had a great convention! Girls were happy to get back with their cousins and they were not happy that they had to leave Sunday. Thought we should stay longer :) It was said that if a ship is just 1 degree off its course and it's not corrected, that the ship will end up about 100 miles from its destination.
Rodney got the forms off and got the slab ready for building the walls the following week. On Thursday (18th) Rodney brought a few kids over by Livingston to catch a bus to Highwood for the FFA Alumni leadership camp. He picked up shop materials on the way back through Bozeman. The #8 calf died some time Friday night. The cow was quite upset about it. On Saturday afternoon the girls and I went over by Toston and got a cute, little 3 day old Holstein bull calf. Momma and baby took to each other without a hitch and everyone's doing great. But it sure looks funny - red momma and black/white baby. :)
Monday (22nd) he was back to Bozeman early for his Ag teacher conference. Was there until Friday afternoon. The girls and I went over Tuesdayafternoon and spent the night. Came back home the following afternoon. Friday afternoon Dale and Bonnie came, along with Paige and Jace, for a quick overnight trip. They stopped in Butte and picked up the trusses. We got those up the following morning. Now Rodney's got the shop mostly closed in.
Girls have been busy riding bike, playing in the water and dirt. They know how to go through the changes of clothes! Part way through this month, Janell took her first steps. Now she's walking more than she's crawling! No more baby, we got us a toddler! She's earlier with walking than the other two were. Being around her walking year old cousins at the end of May must've got her thinking along those lines. Doesn't want to be left behind. She's 11 months now. A couple more teeth have popped through, up to 6. She's got a couple words now: uh-oh and num-num.
Looking forward to getting a little bit of Manhattan convention this week. Rodney's haying now, so we'll see how that goes this year.
There's probably other stuff that will come to mind after I send this, but here's most of our happenings!
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole and Janell

April 2015

April brought us a wide variety of weather; warm and sunny to snow, with a few rain showers threw in. Many folks have already started irrigating here lately so the fields are starting to green up. The trees have started to show some green. Rodney mowed the lawn about a week ago. Our last 3 cows calved, all bulls. So with 14 calves this year, 11 were bulls and 3 of 'em were heifers. The last one just came on Tuesday (28th) and was a bit of a bum. Spent the first couple days walking around on his front ankles, but lately he's been up on his hooves. His legs aren't completely normal, but he's getting there. Not sure what happened to him.
Rodney had a trip to Phoenix for an Ag teacher conference the middle of the month. He was going to fly out Tuesday (14th) evening, but when we got to the airport, he heard that his flight was pushed back because of high winds. Because of that, he wouldn't make his connection so we came back home and he took off early the next morning. We got a few inches of wet snow that Wednesday. He got home late Friday night...or maybe I should say early Saturday morning. The next week, he took a couple days off from school and did some more work on the shed/garage project. As of now, the footings are poured for both sheds and one of them is transferred to its new location. Hopefully that's where we want it. If not, that's where it stays anyway. :) We also poured a pad by the feed bunk. That usually gets really muddy feeding calves there. Pig weigh-in for fair was last Saturday morning (25th) and then Rodney and 4 FFA boys went to Columbus for a garden tractor pull. Caleb won in the turf tire division.
The girls are liking the warmer, bare feet, mud pie making weather. Actually, it doesn't need to be all that warm for them to want to play in the dirt and water. Hannah's already asking for the sprinkler/pool. It hasn't been that warm yet :) Nicole and Hannah have had a couple swimming lessons this month that they've really enjoyed. Monday (13th) was kindergarten roundup...kinda hard to believe she's that old already! Sounds like it'll be a big class (around 20). She enjoyed getting the tour (there's an art room!). Janell had her 9 month check up on Monday (27th). She's 18 lb 12 oz and 28.5". Hasn't gained much since 6 months, but she's an active little squirt. She's getting into the eating thing a little more, especially if she can feed herself. Loves to climb the stairs and clear the shelves in the playroom. Enjoys getting into whatever the big girls are doing. :)
Enjoyed having Judy and Anna here for a few days a couple weeks ago. They only have one more Gospel Meeting on Sunday and then it's off to preps. A couple gems I've enjoyed: "Proper preparation prevents panic" and sheep are vulnerable, they need a "deliverer", someone to take care of them. They don't have what it takes to win against the enemy. How wonderful it is to know Jesus as our deliverer.
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole & Janell