Tuesday, April 28, 2015

December 2014

Howdy from MN!
Just a dusting of snow here and a "bit" chilly. Kids have been staying inside most of the time, but this afternoon my sister Andrine pulled them on a sled behind her horse. That made their day! All us kids weren't able to meet up this time (missing you Andys, Alvins and Alan!), but the girls are having fun with the cousins who are here. Not sure what we would do if we had another 10 grandkids here. The 8 here expand the walls. :) We stayed home a few days at the beginning of Rodney's school break and Rodney put tin on the chicken shed. We left for MN Thursday (Christmas) evening and drove through the night. A lot less stopping with the girls sleeping and they sleep really good in their car seats. We could've gotten here for breakfast Friday, but Rodney wanted to stop at Northern Tool in Fargo and that blew some time. But it was good to stretch the legs at that point. We're planning on leaving early Saturday morning. We'll see how the return trip goes during the day. :) Rodney starts school the 5th. Not sure where December went, but we enjoyed a few Special Meetings and a little snow off and on. We made it to Belgrade, Butte and Twin Bridges. We had a night with Devin and Robert before Twin and a potluck that Saturday afternoon. Enjoyed some time with Dale and Bonnie at Fairmont Hot Springs a couple weeks ago. We got fish for daughters; sure had fun swimming. Girls are doing good. Janell is rolling both ways now; no keeping her in one spot anymore.
One thought that was shared at Specials was about the sun/Son. This time of year, the earth is starting to turn back towards the sun. The sun is the center of the universe and everything revolves around it.
Happy New Year! May this one be the best yet!
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole & Janell
hard to capture the beauty of a full moon

little toes peekin'

graduated to the big crib
first pony tail

happy birthday to me!

hannah's snowman of the season

hair with a mind of it's own

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Spent in Kalispell. Brists welcomed us to their place for the day. Alvins, Dianne, Doug and Mary, Jewel, Glen and Tanya, Laura, Tess and kids, Susan, Kracks and us. All the (older) kids (15!) had fun playing. We went back up to Alvins on Friday so Rodney could help with the barn wood cutting. Weather was a bit wet (rain in November?!), but they got some cut. We took off Saturday afternoon and headed to Helena for the night, enroute to Townsend for Special Meeting. Had some dicey roads, but we made it.

A few pictures- forgot to get the camera out Thursday until the evening-

what kids can do to a room in a minute

teacher beth reading to her students - such good attention they have

took a walk in the drizzle to see what the guys were doing