Friday, January 30, 2015

Laundry nowadays

I sure wish I knew what was clean and what was dirty before I put the girls' clothes in the washer. They tend to go through multiple changes a day, multiple times. When they're playing and it's nighttime, you need to have pajamas on. And then it's time to get ready for meeting and you can't wear the same outfit you had on before. And then you're going on a trip so you need to pack a bag. And then...

Oh well. Job security for the laundry lady. Wouldn't want to put her out of a job.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

October 2014

Kinda hard to believe October is here and gone already. Rodney was kept busy with school and getting ready to go to the National FFA convention in Louisville, KY. He took 11 students and 4 other adults and they flew out of Bozeman early Tuesday (28th) morning. The Parli Pro team competed and came in 29th. Tonight they're in Nashville, TN. They went to the Opry this evening and are planning on seeing downtown Nashville in the morning. They fly out tomorrow (2nd) about 5 and get into Bozeman late. We're ready for Daddy to be home! For MEA a couple weeks ago we went to Missoula, as that was where Rodney's teacher convention stuff was. Spent a couple nights there and was reminded again why we don't live in a big city. This little corner of the world works great for us. Spent an evening with Logan and Elissa. A house of boys and a house of girls collided...and had a great time. Last Friday we worked cows; vaccinating and preg checking. Nicole was sure watching Rodney for the first few cows that he preg checked. Hannah remembers it from years previously, but it was a refresher for Nicole. The life of a farm kid. Other than that, I don't think anything else happened except for the daily living. Janell is a growing and a changing. She's into blowing bubbles at the moment. And she's just about ready to full-out laugh; we've been getting some giggles outta her. For the most part, she's been sleeping through the night for the past couple of weeks. Which is nice. :) Not much else has changed. Nicole and Hannah are still amazing us with their skills. :) Nicole has really gotten into doing puzzles and Hannah likes to write her letters, asking how to spell words. Can't think of anything else to add, so...
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole and Janell
The camera was MIA, so here's a few pics from the month that we had on the ipad:
H's writing on the ipad

big sisters brought her lots of babies to play with

art project

cute little chubby cheeks

hangin' with daddy
huh. guess she didn't want to be put down. even if i did want to get a picture of her in the cute pink bibs

drawing faces with markers on one side...

...but we didn't get the other side carved. next year

happy halloween! :) had a cow and a princess to go shopping with. and "mommy's cupcake". but didn't get any other picture but this one. we were gonna go to the story hour at molly's library, but a low tire on the van changed our plans. we ended up going to butte to get a few things and then we stopped in whitehall at allen and linda's and david and peggy's for trick-or-treating on the way home. then i decided to go down to dillon so the girls could show auntie linnet and papa george and gramma nec their outfits.

For story hour at the VC library that week, the kids (and others) dressed up:

craft that day was coloring trick-o-treat bags. that i forgot at home on halloween.

shoes are usually on the wrong feet :) she was so excited to finally be able to wear the cow outfit that was been hanging in the closet for the longest time (to her).