Sunday, August 16, 2015

January 2015

Spring came early this year, as we had a really warm month. Wonder when winter will show up now. Makes for some nice calving weather for those who are calving. Lots are showing up around the valley. Girls enjoy watching for them when we travel. Rodney's half way through the school year already. FFA had their speaking districts last week. Rodney's Parli Pro team took second place so they'll be competing at state. He took 4 boys to Lewistown on Friday for a mechanics contest yesterday and took first place. Hannah's counting down the days until her birthday (5th). It's a bit hard to believe she'll be 5 already. The older girls spend their days playing, most of the time nicely, together. They tend to go through multiple changes of clothes each day, since you need to change depending on what you're playing, so they keep the laundry lady in business. Janell is 6 months already. She's really rolling around and she can now pull herself to a sitting position. She's trying hard to keep up with her sisters. We've been having Gospel Meetings Wednesday in Whitehall and Sunday in Dillon. Glad for the reminder that it is up to us, individually, if we're found in the Kingdom of God. He has made provision for us and we need to reach out and make it ours.
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole & Janell

introduction to the computer

hair with a mind of its own

loves to swing

camera takes multiple pictures when its light in the background...H ended up with no legs :)

6 months! First try of cereal

not impressed

what did you feed me?!

shivered afterwards

blanket rides

so fun!

sitting up!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Christmas 2014

We were hoping that Alan would be able to come with us to MN, but that didn't work out this trip. He got stuck at Ashley Lake waiting for some pickup parts. We ended up leaving the evening of Christmas day. Should've packed a supper with us 'cause not much is open that day :), but a gas station supper worked for us. We drove through the night and the girls slept great. Stopped at Northern Tool in Fargo and loaded the van up some more. Ate breakfast at Sonic and headed on down the road. Got to Mom and Dad's mid-morning on Friday. Settled in and had a great time with family. Andy's were gonna join us, but sick kids changed their plans. Mom, Drina, Rodney & I saw in the New Year playing games. We left Friday evening and had pretty decent roads for the most part. Around Miles City the roads became yucky. Quite a few vehicles in the ditch around Billings. Had breakfast in Livingston. Got home late morning Saturday.

sleepover with clancee! bella was gonna join in, but she ended up getting sick and megan had to come get her.

silly girls

auntie drina made some paint for these two

grandpa harlan with 3 outta the 18

drina hooked a sled up behind her horse april and gave the kids a ride

this is the way you do it, drina

a clean playroom!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

December 2014

Howdy from MN!
Just a dusting of snow here and a "bit" chilly. Kids have been staying inside most of the time, but this afternoon my sister Andrine pulled them on a sled behind her horse. That made their day! All us kids weren't able to meet up this time (missing you Andys, Alvins and Alan!), but the girls are having fun with the cousins who are here. Not sure what we would do if we had another 10 grandkids here. The 8 here expand the walls. :) We stayed home a few days at the beginning of Rodney's school break and Rodney put tin on the chicken shed. We left for MN Thursday (Christmas) evening and drove through the night. A lot less stopping with the girls sleeping and they sleep really good in their car seats. We could've gotten here for breakfast Friday, but Rodney wanted to stop at Northern Tool in Fargo and that blew some time. But it was good to stretch the legs at that point. We're planning on leaving early Saturday morning. We'll see how the return trip goes during the day. :) Rodney starts school the 5th. Not sure where December went, but we enjoyed a few Special Meetings and a little snow off and on. We made it to Belgrade, Butte and Twin Bridges. We had a night with Devin and Robert before Twin and a potluck that Saturday afternoon. Enjoyed some time with Dale and Bonnie at Fairmont Hot Springs a couple weeks ago. We got fish for daughters; sure had fun swimming. Girls are doing good. Janell is rolling both ways now; no keeping her in one spot anymore.
One thought that was shared at Specials was about the sun/Son. This time of year, the earth is starting to turn back towards the sun. The sun is the center of the universe and everything revolves around it.
Happy New Year! May this one be the best yet!
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole & Janell
hard to capture the beauty of a full moon

little toes peekin'

graduated to the big crib
first pony tail

happy birthday to me!

hannah's snowman of the season

hair with a mind of it's own