Wednesday, December 10, 2014

September 2014

This month we celebrated our 8th anniversary (eight?! where have the years gone?!) and Rodney's 30th birthday. He's feelin' old :) Rodney was kept busy with school, doing concessions at the home football games and with FFA activities. Ruby Valley FFA hosts a contest each fall called the Ruby Valley Invitational and it consists of 3 contests: livestock judging, range/soils and forestry. Each year it gets bigger, this year 439 kids competed. Luckily the community is a great supporter of the program and willingly offer their help. Second cutting hay got done this month, thanks to Dale who did most of it. We had some cold nights (and days) that finished off our garden, but we did get some produce outta it. We actually was able to harvest some sweet corn! Molly the dog liked to pick the corn too, the little stinker. The girls continue to grow and change each day. Janell weighed in about 14 lbs at her 2 month checkup. She can carry on a conversation, with lots of big, toothless grins. Likes to sit up to see what is happening and likes to watch her sisters. Hannah and Nicole both like to hold her, sometimes Janell gets more loving than she wants to. :) Nicole's slowly starting to talk more, but she's getting there. Sometimes she takes us by surprise at what she can say or what she knows. She knows how to count to 5 and quite a few of the ABCs. Hannah's a great help with Janell. She likes to be in charge; that works out as long as Nicole is alright with it. :) We've enjoyed having Gospel Meetings in Dillon on Sunday afternoons. I better get this email sent before I need to add another month to the news. Can't think of anything else that happened.
'Til next time-

 photo overload:
the night of 9/3 it froze....the corn, squash and potatoes didn't fair very well




she was pretending to talk on the phone

pickin' spuds

it's bedtime

kids found the camera again

thanks elissa for the cute outfit! janell didn't think much of it when i laid her down for a picture :)
 hannah likes to take pictures:

 the goofy dog started barking and when i looked out, this is what i saw. i dunno if she was playing with the deer or if she was trying to run it off the place and the deer wasn't having any part of that and was "fighting" back. they were like this for quite a while.