Thursday, May 15, 2014

Birthday party #2

We had another small party for the girls with the friends in the area. Taco supper and cake. Nicole wanted an orange kitty cake and Hannah wanted a dirt cake.

hiding while we sang "happy birthday"

Rodney drove bus that day for the field trip to the ski hill and got back in time for supper. I had a dr appt that morning, but it all came together....after I put those who came to work :) Thanks for the help!

March 2014

This month was a bit warmer than last month, so the girls have enjoyed playing outside more. We got a puppy a couple weeks ago that they have been having fun with. Charlie (Hannah came up with the name) is a bit too excitable for Nicole, she doesn't think too much of him jumping up on her, but Hannah does pretty good with it. She likes to swing and slide with him, which he puts up with for a while. We'll see if we can survive the puppy stage...chewing, hauling stuff up to the deck, digging. :) He's a 1/2 border collie, 1/4 Australian shepherd, 1/4 boxer cross, just about 3 months old. We started calving on the 11th and have 7 so far, 6 more calves to come. So far it's been a pretty easy calving season, have had to pull one big calf, but each one is doing good. Rodney spent the past Wednesday through Saturday in Great Falls at the State FFA Convention. The teams placed 2nd in Mechanics and Sales and they won Parliamentary Procedure, so they're headed to Nationals the end of October! The new state FFA president, Brant, is from here, so Ruby Valley was heard quite often for being a small chapter. When the bus arrived back in town, they were escorted by a couple fire trucks and were met by quite a few parents/supporters cheering and honking their horns. Small town excitement :) Not much else has been happening, other than the daily life of living. Girls can't decide on what the baby will be (we aren't finding out): Nicole says girl and Hannah says it smells like a boy. They've both been able to feel it move, so that was exciting for them.
'Til next time-
Rodney, Amanda, Hannah and Nicole

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

glucose test - hannah version

i just received a glucose test, hannah style:

1. drew a big circle on my tummy
2. applied a bottle of glue to it
3. rubbed some lotion on
4. washed it off with water
5. signed my name to paper
6. drew a small circle on my tummy
7. applied more glue
8. more lotion
9. washed it all off again
10. took 20 drinks of water
11. and we were finished