Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year I spent the day with a kitty and a princess!
Princess Hannah

Nicole the kitty

which brother to choose?!

Hannah just informed me that I can only have one sister and one brother. When I asked her what I was suppose to do with my other brothers, she told me to give them to someone who wants a brother.

Any takers?! :)

A little while later, she informed me that I could have 2 brothers 'cause I have 2 sisters (Drina and Britt). Then she decided that I should have 5 sisters since I have 5 brothers.... Grandma Pat wasn't too impressed with that idea. So I said I already have 5 sisters (S, M, D, B 'n' A), would that work? Yeah....  Grandma Pat was relieved.

Dunno where she comes up with her ideas sometimes!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Learn to get along

On the way to Bible Study tonight, Hannah pipes up from the back seat "Can we send Nicole to Jesus and God"...."why?"...."So she can learn how to get along with me"...."should we send you too?"...."No, I already know how to get along with her"

Friday, October 11, 2013

New family member

This is outta order, but wanted to share the news. Been talking about it off and on for quite some time. We decided to take the plunge.

Meet Max:
nobody wanted to look at the camera

He's a 3 year old Australian Shepherd/Spaniel cross. We brought him home from the animal shelter yesterday. So far he's a calm dog, haven't heard a whine or bark outta him yet.
He ended up at the shelter after his owner got married to a lady with a pit bull. Pit bull bit Max. Wife wasn't giving up her dog. Our gain 'cause he's a great dog!

Brandin' 2013

Maybe one of these months I'll get caught up on this thing...(probably not). :)

Been cooler lately, so let's head back to the beginning of summer (end of May) when we brought the cows and calves over to summer pasture. Rodney's folks came down to help us again this year and to bring the bull down. Nothing outta the ordinary happened that I can remember. We just vaccinated the herd and branded the calves and new cows.

She would've been in there if we let her

snack time


& another one 'cause she's cute
Should've let the grass get growin' more, but more here than at home.