Tuesday, January 29, 2013



"maggot" = magnet
"banna" = banana
"toll" = Nicole
"PUS man" = UPS man

Mum, Da, bye (and will usually wave)

Grandma Bonnie and Hannah was making a cookie out of playdoh. Bonnie made some chocolate chips for it and Hannah said "that looks like deer poop!"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trip to Minnesota! (part one)

We took off bright and early Monday morning (24th)...I probably should say dark and early since it was around 3. :) The girls were really great travelers, it helped that they slept! At lunch we tried out the play yard at McD's for the first time. We will probably have to do that every time now that they found out about it. About 17 hours later we rolled into Grandpa Harlan & Grandma Pat's.

Christmas Day: Dad, Mom and Drina, us, Aaron, Megan and kiddos, Grandma Ekman, Lynn, Linda and Nikki, Jerry, Leanne and Cameron.

Linda found some swim caps for Leanne and Mom:

Hannah and "Drina's kitties"- a whole post by itself!
Hannah's in heaven - kitties to have in the house!

Specials 2012

Twin Bridges Special Meeting was special once again. We enjoyed having Dean here for Friday night, a wonderful potluck on Saturday and then we had Jenny and Carolyn for Saturday night. The girls really enjoyed having sisters here, the first time for both of them.

Tried to get a picture, here's the best I got:

Little stealer

Nicole stole the dolly's pacifier :) Was quite pleased with herself.

Silly girls

This is what Hannah wore to town. She got a lot of compliments on her boots :)

She likes to stop here and play every time she heads down the hall. Maybe Daddy shouldn't close it in :)

Our box of monkeys
Got the crawling thing figured out!

Christmas with Papa Dale & Grandma Bonnie

December 14 & 15, 2012

Rodney had a chiro appointment Friday morning and a meeting with his advisory council at MSU at noon about his Masters project. After that was done, we headed to Fairmont Hot Springs and met up with Dale and Bonnie for supper and the night. Hannah was ready to swim as soon as we got there and as soon as she got up the next morning. :)

 Nicole enjoyed ripping paper. Hannah barely looked at what was in the package before going to the next one.

Thanks for the wonderful time!

Getting so big!

Beginning of December:
Nicole is still army crawling, but more and more she's getting the idea of keeping her belly off the floor.
She has started to pull herself up on everything. I'm guessin' she'll be walking before her sister was.
And she's figured out the joy of going up the stairs. If she sees that the way is open, she makes a beeline for it. There's so many fun things up there to get into!

The table is our makeshift gate at the moment :) Works pretty good!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Missoula/Townsend weekend

Nicole's doctor heard a fate heart murmur when she was 2 months. He could hear it again at 4 months, but it was fainter. Said that if he could hear it again at 6 months, we probably should get it checked out, to be on the safe side, but he figured it wasn't anything to worry about. He heard it again, so an appointment was made with a doctor in Missoula for November 30.
We went to Stevensville and stayed with Logan and Elissa for Thursday night. Hannah and Nicole had a blast playing with their boys. Hannah has asked a few times since when she can play with them again. These pictures are from Friday morning when the kids did the dishes.

Nicole's appointment went good...got good news! She has something that is called a flow murmur. Not much room in a small chest like that for all the equipment. One of her arteries make a sharper corner than usual, and you can hear the blood flowing past that area. It's nothing to worry about, since she'll grow and make more room. We came home afterwards. Girls slept most of the way, which made the traveling even nicer!

Saturday evening we headed up to Toston to Rod's for supper and the night. Hannah was pretty excited 'cause Rod has 2 cats he lets into the house, Amos and Alice. Ever since, she's been saying she either has 2 puppies named that or else she'll say her kitties are named that. Then we went to Townsend for Special Meeting the next morning.

Girls playing:

Fixin' the vacuum
Thanks for putting up with us!

It's a long wayz across North Dakota

Hannah was looking for a Chicken Tractor. The one she picked was $250,000 though. At least it was a John Deere.

Amanda was helping to watch for deer.
You can see Nicole in the mirror snoozing away.
What else are you supposed to do when it's this boring in the car?

And 17 hours later... we got there.

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