Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's starting to feel like fall!

I like fall. Missed getting pictures when it was really colorful, though.

starting to change

These were taken a couple weeks ago

Teacher Update June 2012

This year, Rodney's summer teacher update was in Billings. We spent a couple nights with Alvin and Danica.

Danica wanted to try out a fondant recipe. Had lots of help :)

The chinks Alvin made. Who would've thought he was so handy with a sewing machine. Mom should've put him to work mending jeans back in the day.

Hannah had to try out the fondant.

Bowdrie and the duck house he made

3 months old

So much fun to be with the cousins! Hannah's first time with scissors.
Billings zoo. Saw most of the animals.
bald eagles

was quite fascinated with the ducks/geese

Otter - which scared us when it first came up to the glass.

I can't think of the names of these critters at the moment

Don't remember what these rodents were either, but I'm pretty sure these were Hannah's favorite. She watched these guys for the longest time.

Peacock roaming. This fella came within a few feet of Nicole and I while we were sitting on the ground watching Hannah play on the playground. Could've reached out and petted it. Didn't have the camera handy, though.

Some videos:

Feedin' Jenny

End of June. Hannah likes to bring scraps out to Jenny. And out to the chickens.

Watching Hannah feed Jenny some carrot peelings

Manhatten 2012

Yes, I know, this is a few months late, but I didn't make any promises that this blog would be in chronological order. You get what you get around this joint.

Sorry for the quality on some of this pictures.

Trying to get a family picture. As good as it gets right here.
 After convention, we joined some of the Stephens family at the KOA at Four Corners.
Hanging out with Daddy

Watching the boys play

Sheridan's next football star :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Hannah Observation

We brought 6 steers and an old cow to the sale barn today. Rodney made the comment that the calves were really messing up the trailer and asked Hannah if she wanted to clean it out. No, she didn't want to do it. Should Mommy clean it out?

"No, she's not a boy."

Yes, I laughed. Rodney, not so much. :) Not sure where she got that idea, but I think it's a good one! :)